About us

“Capital Link Maritime CSR”

With its headquarters in New York and presence in London, Athens and Oslo, Capital Link has been active since 1995 in the field of Investor Relations and Financial Communication. Since January 2011, Capital Link has expanded its activities in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility by creating integrated and effective platforms combining expertise and communication, with corporate social responsibility issues in general (www.CSRinGreece.com) and in the field of the Shipping industry (www.MaritimeCSR.com).

“Capital Link Maritime CSR” is an integrated and effective web-based resource that centralizes information and news on corporate social responsibility issues in the shipping & offshore industries. Founded in 2011 by 'Capital Link', it aims to provide data on the latest CSR measures and regulatory developments affecting shipping internationally, as well as raise awareness to a wider audience about the practice and benefits of CSR in the shipping and offshore industries. CSR is an increasingly important issue that shipping and offshore companies cannot afford to ignore; organizations ignoring social priorities are in danger of losing a competitive advantage in terms of gaining market share, attracting top talent, and preserving employee retention. The need for increased CSR activities by companies is not just mandated by a growing regulatory trend; a consistent CSR commitment can become a differentiating factor and a competitive advantage from an operational and commercial point of view. A successful business model for CSR and corporate social performance (CSP) is not only possible for maritime shipping and offshore companies, but also comes hand in hand.

Through this portal 'Capital Link' also aims to communicate the actions of shipping, shipping-related companies and offshore industries that are advancing CSR, by showcasing their corporate practices in the areas of safety & security, health, quality, community, human resources and the environment. Environmental negligence has an adverse effect on long-term growth rates and business health for companies. The violation of employees’ human rights, carbon emissions, damaging ballast and bilge water, substandard ships and the lack of regulation enforcement all contribute to environmental and societal harm.
Furthermore, “Maritime CSR” publicizes initiatives by governmental and non-governmental organizations and industry associations. In addition, it provides news related to CSR issues, details of relevant conferences as well as published research. It is addressed and aims to link a variety of groups comprised of government officials, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), industry associations, the investment and financial community, international shipping companies implementing CSR strategies, and their respective accounts.

“Capital Link Maritime CSR” achieves its goals further through a series of complimentary initiatives and services offered through CAPITAL LINK:

 • The Annual Capital Link Maritime CSR Conference organized on an annual basis in London, has as an objective to explore how CSR can be translated into tangible commercial, operational and financial competitive advantages. Through this event, Capital Link seeks to provide companies with additional incentives to follow CSR practices by publicizing the benefits of CSR not only to a wider audience of shipping and offshore industries, but also to the investment and financial communities as well as to the public at large. It is the only Forum that covers all CSR areas such as environment, innovation, human resources, safety & security and corporate governance.
 • A weekly electronic newsletter distributed to a wide audience.
 • A series of online educational and training CSR webinars, designed along the lines of Capital Link’s popular shipping webinars.
 • Strategic cooperation with NAMEPA (North American Marine Environment Protection Association) in order to raise awareness of CSR issues to a wider audience.
 • Organization of roundtable discussions debate the impact of CSR policies on various sectors of the industry.