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2009 Social Reports

Alfa Laval    Sustainability report 2009
ArcelorMittal    Corporate Responsibility Report 2009
BP    2009 Sustainability Review
Carnival Corporation & PLC    Corporate Sustainability Summary 2009
Cosco    2009 CSR report
Danaos Corp.    Annual Report 2009
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd Group    KAWASAKI REPORT 2009-Environmental and Social Responsibility
MAERSK    2009 CSR report
Maersk Drilling    Sustainability Report 2009
Nordea    CSR Report 2009
NORDEN    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2009
NYK Line (Europe)    2009 CSR report
Petrobras    CSR Report 2009
Port of Koper    Sustainable Development Report 2009
PPG Industries    2009 Sustainability Report Update
Statoil    sustainability report 2009
TORM    2009 CSR report
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL)     Environmental & Social Responsibility report
Wärtsilä    Annual report 2009