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11th Annual Shipping, Marine Services & Offshore Forum
The 11th Annual Shipping, Marine Services & Offshore Forum, will take place on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at One Moorgate Plaza in London and is held in partnership with Fearnley Securities and in cooperation with the London Stock Exchange. This event aims to provide investors with a comprehensive review and current outlook of the various shipping markets and in addition, cover topics of critical interest to industry participants, financers and investors. Capital Link’s investment conferences, which are organized across London, New York, Athens, Shanghai, and Limassol, assemble a quality line-up of speakers and attendees to debate the recent trends and developments in the shipping and marine services sectors, as well as, the financial and capital markets. The 2018 London Shipping Forum will be no exception, bringing together a distinguished group of expert industry experts. Capital Link’s Forums are known for combining rich informational content with unique marketing and networking opportunities. The London Forum will also provide the opportunity for 1x1 meetings between company management teams and investors.
Capital Link’s 10th Annual New York Maritime Forum
Capital Link’s 10th Annual New York Maritime Forum on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at the Metropolitan Club in New York City. The event is held in partnership with DNB. The New York Maritime Forum (NYMF) is both an investment and an industry conference with a double objective: • To provide an interactive platform for investors, financiers, cargo owners and shipowners to discuss the latest developments in the global shipping and commodity markets, as well as in the financial and capital markets. • To showcase and promote the role of New York as a hub for the global maritime community and attract more business to New York targeting a global industry audience. The objective of the Forum is to enhance New York’s profile as a place of business to the global maritime industry and especially to global shipping firms and industry participants who do not reside in New York. In parallel to the main sessions, where shipping company CEOs from all over the world will be discussing their sectors’ developments and outlook addressing mainly an investor audience, there will be a series of breakout sessions focusing on specific topics such as bank finance, equity and fixed income capital raising, restructuring and bankruptcy, maritime finance and law, securities law, tax issues, arbitration and mediation, New York as operational center for shipping companies, as well the role of the Port of New York and New Jersey as a logistics hub for shipping and cargoes. These breakout parallel discussions will focus on New York’s role while also providing updates on latest trends and developments for each topic. This one-day conference, known for its rich informational content and the extensive marketing, networking and business development opportunities.