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12th Annual Invest in International Shipping Forum
The 12th Annual Invest in International Shipping Forum is known for its large attendance by investors, owners and financiers. It is a meeting place for C-level Executives from the industry and the finance and investment communities involved with shipping. Held in New York City every year, the Forum examines the macroeconomic issues that are shaping and transforming the international shipping markets today. The Forum provides a comprehensive review and outlook of the various shipping markets, made more relevant by the release of companies’ annual results. In addition, it discusses topics of critical relevance to the industry such as restructuring and consolidation, the various channels and methods of raising capital as well as the impact of new technologies and trading routes. The Forum is organized in in partnership with Citi and in cooperation with NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange.
2nd Annual Capital Link Cyprus Shipping Forum
The event aims to highlight the significant role of Cyprus as a maritime, energy and logistics hub and as an investment and business destination. The Forum will feature major international speakers and delegates and local leaders in an exchange of ideas on critical industry topics. It will discuss the developments and trends in the major shipping, financial and capital markets as well as issues pertaining to geopolitical and regulatory developments, technical and commercial fleet management. The Forum will highlight the competitive positioning and advantages of Cyprus as an industry hub. Capital Link is known for the organization of large scale high quality maritime forums in key industry centers, such as New York, London, Athens and Shanghai, and as of 2017 in Limassol. We organize twelve conferences annually, of which seven are focused on the maritime sector. Our events draw the elite of the financial, investment and maritime communities and provide a unique combination of informational content, marketing and networking opportunities. Capital Link will actively promote this Forum and Cyprus through our global platform, through our shipping and non-shipping events in major financial and industry centers around the world.
9th Annual Greek Shipping Forum
This event will provide a comprehensive review of current trends and outlook of the global economy and the main commodity, energy and shipping markets. It will also discuss critical issues and challenges the industry faces, including geopolitical and regulatory developments, technical and commercial fleet management and access to capital. It will examine bank financing, capital markets and alternative funding mechanisms and strategies.
International Greenshipping and Technology Summit
28/11/2017 - 29/11/2017
International Green Shipping and Technology Summit in Athens, Greece on 28-29 November 2017 which is supported by BIMCO, International Windship Association, and WIMA, this is a place where we will meet and discuss all the requirements regarding Green Shipping, Shipbuilding, Maritime, technology and meet with needed solution providers.
7th Annual Capital Link Operational Excellence in Shipping Forum
With a 7-year track record it is the only Forum that showcases Operational Excellence in the Maritime & Offshore Sectors and explores Best Industry Practices across all major areas such as fleet management, technological innovation, crewing, energy efficiency and the environment, safety & security. The Forum provides an interactive platform on the topic of Operational Excellence, Best Industry Practices and Sustainability linking industry, government and non-governmental organizations, industry associations, the financial and investment community, and the public at large.
GreenPort Cruise and Congress 2017
10/10/2017 - 13/10/2017
The 2017 hosts of the 12th GreenPort Congress, the Port of Amsterdam, believe that the access that ports provide should strive to be better; faster, smarter and cleaner. Faster by investing in their processes and services. Smarter by embracing innovation. Cleaner by being a big port with a small footprint.
10th Annual Shipping, Marine Services & Offshore Forum
The 10th Annual Shipping, Marine Services & Offshore Forum, held in London and in cooperation with the London Stock Exchange, arrives at a tenuous time in the industry. Among this unpredictability is the opportunity for innovation and global collaboration. This event aims to provide investors with a comprehensive review and current outlook of the various shipping, marine services and offshore markets and in addition, cover topics of critical interest to shipping industry participants, financers and investors. Capital Link’s investment conferences, which are organized across London, New York, and Athens, assemble a quality line-up of speakers and attendees to debate the recent trends and developments in the shipping and marine services sectors, as well as, the financial and capital markets. The 2017 London Forum will be no exception, bringing together a distinguished group of expert panelists and presenters. Capital Link’s Forums are known for combining rich informational content with unique marketing and networking opportunities. The London Forum will also provide the opportunity for 1x1 meetings between company management teams and investors.
London International Shipping Week 2017
11/09/2017 - 15/09/2017
LISW17 will be the ‘must attend’ event of 2017, offering over 160 industry functions and unique networking opportunities for leaders across all sectors of the international shipping industry – regulators, charterers, ship owners, ship managers, bunker suppliers, lawyers, ship brokers, bankers, insurers, insurance brokers, commodity traders and brokers, ship suppliers, port operators, shipping service providers and many more.
Seafarers Awareness Week
24/06/2017 - 30/06/2017
Seafarers UK coordinates and promotes Seafarers Awareness Week in June each year, to coincide with the International Maritime Organization’s ‘Day of the Seafarer’. As an ‘island nation’ the UK has always been heavily dependent on our maritime industry. Over 90% of imports come to us by ship, including much of our everyday food and fuel. Yet many people are completely unaware of the world of shipping, the seafarers who work in it, and the essential role of our sea ports. Each year we focus on a fresh theme for Seafarers Awareness Week. In 2017 we are promoting UK maritime employment opportunities, including shore-based jobs. Seafarers UK is also stimulating ‘Sea Ports for Prosperity’ publicity, encouraging UK port owners and operators to actively promote their essential contribution to the national economy.
7th Annual Capital Link “INVESTING IN GROWTH - THE NEW FACE OF CSR” Forum
The 7th Annual Capital Link “INVESTING IN GROWTH - THE NEW FACE OF CSR” Forum will take place in Athens, on June 8th, 2017 under the Auspices of the City of Athens. Capitalizing on our 22-year track record with the organization of uniquely successful investment conferences, Capital Link has pioneered a series of CSR-focused forums in London, Athens and New York. Our Athens Forum focuses on the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a country that is tested by severe economic decline and social discomfort. With more than 1,000 participants and distinguished speakers, this annual event is a great success aiming to highlight how private enterprises and initiatives contribute to building a better future for Greece. Our Forum is regarded as a key platform for bridging communication between companies, citizens and NGOs aiming at building effective relationships between all. This year’s theme is “Investing in Growth” as this is the most effective way to create a sustainable recovery with beneficial impact on the whole society. The conference will present programs and initiatives that foster entrepreneurship and innovation. It aims to present entrepreneurs with a practical guide as to how they can get financing and other types of support for their business plans. It gives them access to initiatives, programs and contacts that can help them in this direction.
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