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GreenPort Congress & Cruise 2016
11/10/2016 - 14/11/2016
GreenPort Congress provides decision makers from the port community with a meeting place to both learn about and discuss the latest in sustainable development and environmental practice.
9th Annual Shipping, Marine Services & Offshore Forum
The 9th Annual Shipping, Marine Services & Offshore Forum, held in London and in cooperation with the London Stock Exchange, arrives at a tenuous time in the industry. Among this unpredictability is the opportunity for innovation and global collaboration. This event aims to provide investors with a comprehensive review and current outlook of the various shipping, marine services and offshore markets and in addition, cover topics of critical interest to shipping industry participants, financers and investors. Capital Link’s investment conferences, which are organized across London, New York, and Athens, assemble a quality line-up of speakers and attendees to debate the recent trends and developments in the shipping and marine services sectors, as well as, the financial and capital markets. The 2016 London Forum will be no exception, bringing together a distinguished group of expert panelists and presenters. Capital Link’s Forums are known for combining rich informational content with unique marketing and networking opportunities. The London Forum will also provide the opportunity for 1x1 meetings between company management teams and investors.
India Clean Seas Exhibition & Conference (ICSC 2016)
22/09/2016 - 24/09/2016
Take a deep breath. Now take another deep breath. The oxygen you inhaled for your second breath came from the ocean. The ocean is a gift to all of us as it provides 70% of the world's oxygen according to National Geographic. Specifically, phytoplankton, tiny organisms found at the water's surface, are responsible for producing much of the air we breathe. As you can see, the health of the ocean directly affects us and, unfortunately, the ocean is under the weather.
2016 New York Maritime Forum (NYMF)
The 2016 New York Maritime Forum (NYMF), scheduled for Tuesday, September 13, 2016, is an initiative that aims to promote and showcase New York as a maritime industry hub and attract more maritime related business to the area. The NYMF 2016 is the continuation of the Annual Capital Link Global Shipping, Commodities & Energy Forum which for the last 8 years takes place in New York City and attracts well over 800 senior executives from the global maritime industry. Other Parallel Events can also be held during that week taking advantage of NYMF’s marketing platform to the global maritime community.
5th Analyst & Investor Day
This bi-annual event brings together public and private shipping company executives, investors, analysts, financiers, and other industry participants who are visiting Athens from all over the world for a major biannual maritime event taking place at that time. The Forum will feature sector roundtable discussions dedicated to the drybulk, tanker, container, LNG/LPG, and offshore sectors.
7th Annual International Port Security Conference
01/06/2016 - 02/06/2016
The SMi Group announces the 7th annual International Port Security Conference. The event will be held in London on the 1st and 2nd of June 2016. The conference aims to bring together key decision makers in the industry to discuss modern methods of port security and provide effective learning experiences for all delegates through the carefully selected expert speaker line up. Interacting with delegates from across the globe and hearing from industry leading experts will ensure delegates are up-to-date with high priority information that enables you to best secure your seaports, civilians and means of trade. Topics to be discussed include terrorism, cyber terrorism, emergency intervention procedures, optimising technology use in security checks and case studies featuring some of the largest ports across the world. Our diverse range of topics will allow delegates to learn best practices for port security and understand further how other ports are resolving core challenges.
ACI’s 6th Maritime Security Management Asia
11/05/2016 - 12/05/2016
The conference will address detailed risk management and planning strategies that can be put in place in accordance with major regulations, so that in a time of crisis, the crew and vessel are well-equipped and prepared to diffuse any situation safely and legally. This event is essential for CSO’s and the safety & security department in order to stay abreast with the latest industry responses to keep the crew and vessel assets well prepared.
Capital Link China Shipping Forum (Shanghai)
Our Shanghai Forum will explore several key topics of interest to the Chinese ship owning, shipbuilding and finance communities and their global trading partners. The objective is to maximize the business development opportunities for our sponsors and presenters while presenting to the attendees an event with rich informational content and networking opportunities. Specifically, it will explore the latest trends in: Bank finance, capital markets and alternative financing and showcase how Chinese ship owners and the local finance community can take advantage of them; How owners can take advantage of restructuring as a business opportunity; Joint venture opportunities between Chinese owners and global investors and industry players; Global Ship management - the interaction between Chinese owners and global industry players; Chinese demand for commodities and its impact on shipping; A parallel breakout session will explore the advantages of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and how foreign companies can qualify and take advantage of them. The majority of the speakers will be experts from global organizations who will come to Shanghai to interact with high level executives from the shipping and finance communities, and a wider audience of industry participants. Capital Link's Shipping Forums are well-known for their high quality and effectiveness. They are unique marketing and networking events attended by a large and high caliber audience of shipping industry executives, such as owners, commercial and investment bankers, media, and a wide range of other industry participants. Attendees of the Shanghai Forum can expect an informative networking forum connecting them to the shipping industry's key players, including influential members in the shipping, shipbuilding and financial community, such as commercial and investment banks and leasing companies, as well as global traders of major dry bulk and energy commodities.
13th Annual Green Ship Technology
15/03/2016 - 18/03/2016
4 concurrent streams focussing on innovation in ship design, energy management, emissions reduction & discharges to sea Cargo owners' response to increased pressure for a sustainable logistics chain Shipowner panels analyse the realities of using new onboard technology Technology innovators discuss the challenges of moving 'novel technology' from concept to reality Shipyard focus: how do owners, yards and designers work together to improve new ship designs? Industry experience of ECAs and lessons learnt
Ship Recycling Forum 2016
07/03/2016 - 08/03/2016
Shipowner organisations are going public with divergent views on beaching, governments are offering ‘road maps’ to HKC ratification and former stretches of sand in Alang are now certified by a major classification society as being safe and environmentally sound places to dismantle a ship.
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