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IMB - Piracy Reporting Centre

Before 1992, shipmasters and ship operators had nowhere to turn to when their ships were attacked, robbed or hijacked either in port or out at sea. Local law enforcement either turned a deaf ear, or chose to ignore that there was a serious problem in their waters.
The International Maritime Bureau aware of the escalating level of piracy, wanted to provide a free service to the seafarer and established the 24 hour IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (PRC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Anti-Piracy Planning Chart

The UKHO has produced an Anti-Piracy Planning Chart as part of an initiative driven by the EU Naval Force


Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Piracy - Somali piracy
What the government’s doing about piracy off the coast of Somalia.


IMO - Piracy and armed robbery against ships

Acts of piracy and armed robbery against ships are of tremendous concern to IMO and to shipping in general. The fight to prevent and suppress these acts is linked to the measures to improve security on ships and in port faciltiies, adopted in December 2002.