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Cargo operations & Safety

IMO - Cargoes

"Within the Sub-Division for marine technologies and cargoes, IMO staff responsible for cargoes matters deal with all technical and operational matters related to the following subjects, including the development of any necessary amendments to relevant conventions and other mandatory and non-mandatory instruments, as well as the preparation of new mandatory and non-mandatory instruments, guidelines and recommendations, for consideration by the Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers (CCC) (under the direct instructions of the Maritime Safety Committee and the Marine Environment Protection Committee)."


Fire protection

IMO - Fire Protection, fire detection and fire extinction

"Fire can be devastating on a ship - particularly on a passenger ship, where large numbers of people may need to be evacuated, or on a ship carrying inflammable cargo, with serious risks to crewmembers or to ports and harbours."


Navigational safety

"In Seaways (March 2007) The Nautical Institute outlined how a new IMO initiative, e-navigation is being developed to improve the safety of navigation by improved electronic systems. We now take a look at the causes of collisions and groundings in the past 10 years to try to identify how improved electronic systems may be developed to tackle these causes."